Evolution deleted....

Wed Oct 6 23:58:27 CDT 1999

Dear List,

I've posted one or two others about the topic so I will not bore them
with a repeat here so in short.  I am presently student teaching in
south central Kentucky.  I teach High School Biology.

The problem is far deeper then what this situation seems to indicate (or
I believe that it is).  The fact that teachers are left to decide for
themselves just what and how much of any topic should be covered is
enough to make one wonder, but the fact that state law allows for the
"theory of creation" as presented in the Bible to be taught in classes if
evolution is taught and for students t obe given credit on any exam if they
give the biblical accounts for origins of man or life on earth is enough
to leave me with no choice but to look for work somewhere closer to
civilization (read: outside of Kentucky).

Just a thought on a late night after a day of fighting to get kids to
simply stay awake in class and pay attention (much less learn).


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