evolution deleted .....

Ed Pirog pirog at HOME.COM
Thu Oct 7 01:09:53 CDT 1999

I can't help but play Devils Advocate here. I am not a religious person by
any stretch of the imagination but it seems that we are looking at creationism
as something that could not possibly happen. Just fantasy.
        We might have the laws of probability on our side as far as evolution is
concerned as we understand it today but so far all the time I've spend trying
to get a slight grasp of the understanding of taxonomy I have yet to see a
concrete, reproducible experiment that can offer conclusive proof as to the
mechanism for the evolution of a species.
        My point is that it would seem that we need to step away a little to reduce
the tunnel vision that seems to be developing. I see this as only having an
adverse effect on the objectivity a true scientist is supposed to have. (No
this is not nieve. Just an attempt at the ideal.)

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