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Prof. Dov Por dovpor at NETVISION.NET.IL
Thu Oct 7 17:57:45 CDT 1999

Dear Taxacomers,

A propos Lyssenko. I was tought " Rassentheory" as a logical conclusion of
Darwinism. Then I had Lyssenko at the University , presented as the "true
Darwinism of the working class", a few years ago we taught the "Central
Dogma" which today has  been mended and expanded   and now we have
Sociobiology with is "Ultra-Darwinist " monstruous exagerations..
For peet's sake , don't present Darwinism as a dogma opposed to  religious
dogma. Too many times people and kids out there ask us " do you believe in
Darwinism or in the Bible ?".  Evolution theory  and the development of
Darwinism is not a creed, but a continuous search , not a passive belief ,
but a creative philosophical struggle, where each of us can add his own
brick, to a probably never ending building.
You can be a believer in a deity and still be an assiduous researcher of
evolutionary answers.  Look how  Julian Huxley  and Teilhard de Chardin ( a
Jesuit)  agreed  on many points!
There is no contradiction, save in the  fundamentalist  minds. Those people
cannot be convinced by any logical argument. Not only when it comes to
 I know  of many biologist monks and  have many Jewish believer biologist
and geologist colleagues, who are our equals in the task of searching  for
the evolutionary facts. We should nurture pluralism in our own camp!
Dov Por

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