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Ron Kaneen rkaneen at ISLAND.NET
Thu Oct 7 11:46:24 CDT 1999

Thank you.  This was more to my point than what I must have said in my last
posting.  I was not intending to attack the word or the defenition of
evolution.  I do not think we need remove *any* words from the defenition
of "evolution."  The phrase "change over time" can mean many things if
there is no mention of heritable.  The word heritable is indeed important.

Apologies if I offended anyone.

Colin Kaneen

At 09:29 99-10-07 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm not entirely sure this issue is as benign as some feel.  If "evolution"
>is replaced with "change over time", there is no specification about
>*heritiable* change, a very important part of our concept of evolution.  The
>loss of the word can be the first step in the loss of the concept.  The
>removal of the teaching of  evolution can be easier if the public believes
>it's just a matter of making official what seems to already be the case.
>"We just want to make sure the schools don't 'slip back' into teaching that
>infernal stuff!"
>just my 2 cents
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