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Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Thu Oct 7 21:17:28 CDT 1999

At 01:09 AM 10/7/99 -0800, Ed Pirog wrote:
>        We might have the laws of probability on our side as far as
>evolution is
>concerned as we understand it today but so far all the time I've spend
>to get a slight grasp of the understanding of taxonomy I have yet to see a
>concrete, reproducible experiment that can offer conclusive proof as to
>mechanism for the evolution of a species.

For millennia there was no concrete explanation of what holds the sun up as
it goes across the sky. But no one postulated that it really took the bus
instead. Even if there were not a single explanation of the mechanism of
evolution, the evidence that living organisms are kin is overwhelming, and
if they are kin, *evolution must have happened* whether we understand it or

To me the only alternative explanation for the observed pattern of
diversity (other than kinship) is a malicious intelligent creator that toys
with us. Real inspirational, the kind of thing that is a solid foundation
for a religion that preaches love.

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