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John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Fri Oct 8 08:02:40 CDT 1999

Curtis Clark wrote

>For millennia there was no concrete explanation of what holds the sun up as
>it goes across the sky. But no one postulated that it really took the bus
>instead. Even if there were not a single explanation of the mechanism of
>evolution, the evidence that living organisms are kin is overwhelming, and
>if they are kin, *evolution must have happened* whether we understand it or

I am in agreement with this point that the existence of a mechanism is not
the arbiter of the reality in question. However, evolutionists appear to
frequently treat mechanisms this way when it comes to processes with which
they disagree - such as orthogenetic models that are dismissed because of a
perceived or actual lack of mechanism. In one sense, "mechanism" is the
rhetoric that provides us which sufficient cause to believe in something
(the rhetoric being an argument that provides us with sufficient "proofs"
that it meets our requirements of credibility). Similarly, in biogeography
orthodox practioners reject biogeographic models if they are not supported
by a geological mechansm (Barry Cox recently presented just such an
argument in Journal of Biogeography).

I recall that in the last few years phsicists were still examining
mechanism problem for  bumble bee flight.

John Grehan

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