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Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Fri Oct 8 11:42:48 CDT 1999

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Brian Axsmith wrote:

> Somebody help me before I rashly cancel by subscription! I have just
> signed on to this list hoping to get involved in stimulating
> discussions regarding systematics. So far all I have see is idiotic
> banter regarding creationism. As I am new to this computer list serve
> thing as well as being a busy new professor, I don't have time to go
> through the the archives. So, can someone briefly tell me if this is
> typical of the level of discussion or do you actually cover  issues
> worthy of the time of professional scientists?
> Thanks in advance.

First of all, this topic is worthy of the time of professional scientists.
It is a thread that has generated a lot of interesting discussion and, as
professional scientists (as well as educators), many of us are concerned
over the state of public education in this country.

Second, as with any list, not every thread is going to be of interest to
every reader.  I simply use the delete key when there are things that I am
no longer interested in following.  And, if I do have something I want to
get opinions on, I can start my own thread.

You have to recognize the diversity of interests of the subscribers and be
willing to participate when you are so compelled.

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