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Fri Oct 8 11:37:47 CDT 1999

    The longer discussions (threads) tend to be somewhat philosophical,
about cladistics (pros and cons), biogeography, science education, museum
management, and the taxonomy of groups anywhere from species to kingdom
level.       Interspersed among these threads are more practical
announcements and queries about job and grant opportunities, and even
requests for addresses of biologists someone might be trying to track down.
The topics are wide ranging.  One person's banter is another person's
philosophical discussion, and vice versa, but selective deleting takes care
of whatever you might find uninteresting.
     I would give it at least a week to see if the variety of discussions
include subjects you would find interesting.

>From: Brian Axsmith <baxsmith at JAGUAR1.USOUTHAL.EDU>
>Somebody help me before I rashly cancel by subscription! I have just
>signed on to this list hoping to get involved in stimulating
>discussions regarding systematics. So far all I have see is idiotic
>banter regarding creationism. As I am new to this computer list serve
>thing as well as being a busy new professor, I don't have time to go
>through the the archives. So, can someone briefly tell me if this is
>typical of the level of discussion or do you actually cover  issues
>worthy of the time of professional scientists?
>Thanks in advance

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