Creationism is endemic

Finn N. Rasmussen FINNR at BOT.KU.DK
Sat Oct 9 17:37:57 CDT 1999

Richard Jensen wrote:
First of all, this topic is worthy of the time of professional scientists.
It is a thread that has generated a lot of interesting discussion and, as
professional scientists (as well as educators), many of us are concerned
over the state of public education in this country.
We Europeans and other non-US Earthlings understand your concern, but as you
point out creationism seems to be an endemic problem. Of course, we have
other kinds of obscurantists - Danish astrologists demand subsidies for
public courses and claim that astrology is a scientific discipline etc.
Obscurantism, science and society etc. is a very important and interesting
subject,  I wonder if there is a special discussion list dealing with these
Finn N Rasmussen, Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen.

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