The teaching of evolution

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Sat Oct 9 20:28:10 CDT 1999

John Grehan wrote:
> >Ed Pirog wrote:
> >>  There should be just as much right to
> >> teach evolution as there is to teach creationism.

> This statement seems to present a common misconception about science,
> that there is some kind of metaphysical "right" that determines what
> must be presented and discussed. Science does not work that way.
> Its always been about the competition of opposing ideas. An idea
> predominates because it succeeds in convincing a necessary majority to
> that point of view. Any other view has no metaphysical or
> transendental "right" to be heard.

* in fact, you could say that science is a religion founded on a highly
effective mechanism for resolving schisms among its followers. Think of
all the deep divisons among scientists that have been seamlessly healed
by data and discussion, rather than producing separate sects as they
would have in other religions.

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