"fungi" again

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 10 14:09:03 CDT 1999

    I got a chance to look at Elizabeth Frieders recent paper in Mycologia.
I'm glad to see that we do agree that rust fungi should be raised to class
status.  Instead of Urediniomycetes, I prefer to call it Class Uredomycetea.
  Unfortunately most mycologists persist in classifying this group as Order
Uredinales and basidiomycetes as just a class.  If I (who classifies
Eumycota as a Phylum) recognize Uredomycetea, then surely mycologists who
recognize Eumycota as a Kingdom should be able to see the usefulness in
recognizing it as a class (and I have no major problems with the spelling
    But on the other hand, Elizabeth, would you consider classifying your
clade as Order Microbotryales, rather than Subclass Microbotryomycetidae.
Until the systematics of the rust fungi (and all basidiomycetes for that
matter) gets sort out, would you have any objection to the following
  Class Uredomycetea (rust fungi; 4,000+ species)
      Order Microbotryales (3 families?)
      Order Melampsorales (3 families)
      Order Pucinniales (3-4 families)
----------------------------------Cheers, Ken Kinman

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