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Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 11 08:23:18 CDT 1999

     But that is what I love about Taxacom.  The stimulating mixture of
biologists doing different things, from those in the field collecting and
describing, to those who devote most of their time educating the new
generation of biologists, and various mixes in between.
     Even if some of the philosophical discussions seem esoteric to some,
they are important and often done in between classes on this electronic
veranda for a brief chat.  On the weekends, we might be able to indulge
ourselves with a Lagavulin or other drink in hand, perhaps on a real veranda
(if we are lucky enough to have one), but we are increasingly going to be
doing it electronically whatever the setting.
     I personally enjoy all the posts, whether it involves something quite
specific (is this really a fossil lamprey?) to the wide-ranging
philosophical discussions (esoteric or not).  I think Taxacom reflects the
huge diversity among different kinds of biologists with different approaches
and in different situations (from the wilderness of Namibia to the Monday
morning class on the philosophy of science).
     The more posts I see on Taxacom, the more I want to get involved in the
various discussions.  And I would like to take this opportunity to thank
those who have provided us with this electronic fireplace or veranda which
is called TAXACOM.
                         --------Ken Kinman

>From: Joris Komen <joris at NATMUS.CUL.NA>
>Reply-To: Joris Komen <joris at NATMUS.CUL.NA>
>Subject: esoterism and Lagavulin
>Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 07:53:11 +0200
>Hi TAXACOM-Listers:-)
>How about yo'all saving the wonderfully esoteric discussions for your
>verandahs, fireplaces, wherever, do it with a seriously inspiring Lagavulin
>in hand, but get out there now and describe a couple of new species today!
>Kansas politicians, evolution and gods are not going to disappear today;  a
>bunch of undescribed insects will.
>Joris Komen
>National Museum of Namibia

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