Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Oct 11 14:18:52 CDT 1999

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Ed Pirog wrote:

> With that last posting on TAXACOM it was like I was hit between the eyes with
> a sledge hammer.

You must be referring to the "history" ("veranda") posting?

> My main interest is the systematics of herpetology. My
> interest also extends to the same in Conchology.

> I have always wondered why
> this bulletin board was geared towards bug and plant people.

Taxacom is emphatically _not_ "geared towards bug and plant
people". Please don't confuse the history of how it got started
with what it's been for many years, which has emphatically been
open to all discussions of systematics, classification, taxonomy,
collections issues, and related questions of biodiversity. And,
in fact, you'll find examples of a broad biodiversity :>) of
taxa, as well as topical discussions cutting across all taxa,
represented in the archives.

> Now I know.

_Now_ you know :>)

> It hasn't been any less interesting or informative to say the
> least. I thank all of you for that. I am learning a great deal.

>  Does anyone know if there are any similar bulletin boards in
> the disciplines that my main interests are in? Thanks.
> Ed

You are most welcome to post on herps, molluscs, recent, fossil,
Kansas, etc., here on Taxacom.


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