Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Tue Oct 12 08:03:08 CDT 1999

Peter Rauch wrote:

> Taxacom is emphatically _not_ "geared towards bug and plant
> people". Please don't confuse the history of how it got started
> with what it's been for many years, which has emphatically been
> open to all discussions of systematics, classification, taxonomy,
> collections issues, and related questions of biodiversity. And,
> in fact, you'll find examples of a broad biodiversity :>) of
> taxa, as well as topical discussions cutting across all taxa,
> represented in the archives.

In the olden days, it used to be about TAXonomic COMputing; organisms,
nomenclature and people were just irritations that got in the way...

But listservs are organisms themselves and must evolve, I suppose...


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