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Alexey Solodovnikov asolodovnikov at MAIL.RU
Tue Oct 12 14:12:03 CDT 1999

Dear Richard Saunders, and dear all taxacomers!

I work in the field of systematic entomology (staphylinid-beetles) and
recently I start to publish my papers in English. Also, from time to time I use to translate various biol. matters from Russian to English and vice versa for others. Through this job I make some extra money, train my English and ! broad my mind. Sure, sometimes I meet really tricky stuff (say, some minute bones of mammals - Hades for entomologist), but luckely I have a good set of special dictionaries, excellent library by hand and excellent and cheerful biologists
around whom to ask for detail if any.

Richard, I could help you with Russian. And all taxacomers, please keep
me in mind if you meet a paper or book in Russian (there are plenty!).


Alexey Yu. Solodovnikov
research assistant and research entomologist, Ph. D.
Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy
Zoological Institute Russ. Sci. Acad.
Universitetskaya nab. 1
199034 St.Petersburg RUSSIA
phone: +7 812 3281212
fax:   +7 812 1140444
e-mail: asolodovnikov at
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> Dear Taxacomers,
> I have two short plant systematics papers (total of 21 pages) that I need
> translated from Russian. I am willing to pay for your time and effort.
> Please e-mail me directly if you are willing to help, and I'll send tif
> files of both papers.
> Thanks,
> Richard Saunders
> Dr Richard M.K. Saunders
> Assistant Professor
> Department of Ecology & Biodiversity
> The University of Hong Kong
> Pokfulam Road
> Hong Kong
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