1999 ECN MEETING Announcement

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1999 Meeting
Georgia Center for Continuing Education
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia
10-12 December 1999


Georgia Center for Continuing Education
The University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602-3603
Phone: 800-884-1381
Fax: 800-884-1419
Web: www.gactr.uga.edu


Paul J. Johnson
Insect Research Collection
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007
tel: 605-688-4438
fax: 605-688-4602
e-mail: paul_johnson at sdstate.edu.

Cheryl Barr
Essig Museum of Entomology
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720
tel: 510-643-0804
fax: 510-642-7428
e-mail: cbarr at nature.berkeley.edu.

Pre-Registration:     $ 40
On-Site Registration: $ 50
[registration includes sessions, refreshments, and Saturday luncheon]

On-site Registration and Check-in:  Saturday morning, 11 December

Pre-Registrants - please use the attached form at the end of this
document, or register for the ECN meeting and make room
reservations through the Georgia Center's webpage at:
www.gactr.uga.edu.  [Please note that this webpage may not be
fully functional at the time your receive this notice.  It is
under development as of 30.ix.99.]

        Hotel room reservations are available.  Please contact
the Georgia Center for Continuing Education (800-774-2760) and
indicate your affiliation with ECN.  Rates are $55-65/night.

        For general information about our hosts and the
University of Georgia and Athens area, go to this webpage:

Tentative Program

Friday, 10 December
1:00-5:00 pm    Collection of Arthropods open for study.  The
                collection is in The Georgia Museum of Natural
                History building.  Contact Joe McHugh for
                special interests or needs.
5:00-7:00 pm    reception, The Georgia Museum of Natural
                History  [for museum information, see above website]
Saturday, 11 December
7:30-8:00       Registration; incl. botanical alkaloid
                solutions available at coffee shop
8:00-8:10       Welcome and introductory remarks,
8:10-8:30       Elizabeth Reitz, Georgia State Museum of
                Natural History, and Joe McHugh, UGA Arthropod
8:30-8:40       Cynthia Mazer - Callaway Gardens Butterfly
                Center, Pine Mountain Inventory Project Reports
8:40-8:55       Status of the Great Smokey Mtns ATBI - Brian
                Wiegman, N. Carolina St.Univ.
8:55-9:20       NAWQA - Allison Brigham, National Water
                Quality Lab, Denver
9:20-9:30       Integrating Databasing and Curation: The
                APHYTIS Project - Doug Yanega, Univ. Calif. -
9:30-9:45       break

INBio Project Reports
9:45-10:15      INBio overview and Coleoptera - Angel Solis,
                INBio & Rob Roughley, Univ.Manitoba
10:15-10:30     INBio 1999 progress on Hymenoptera - Jesus
                Ugalde, INBio
10:30-10:45     INBio 1999 progress on Diptera - Manuel
                Zumbada, INBio
10:45-11:00     Lepidoptera of Costa Rica - Marc Epstein,
                Smithsonian Institution

Collections - Upgrades, Status, Trends
11:00-11:15     Post-grant concerns of collections
                improvements - Dave Kavanaugh, CAS
11:15-11:45     Specimen and data repatriation issues - Jorge
                Soberon, CONABIO
11:45-1:00      Luncheon


Collections - Upgrades, Status, Trends (cont.)
1:00-1:15       Update on SI collections move - Dave Furth, SI
1:15-1:30       Scarab collection offsite enhancement - Brett
                Ratcliffe, Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln

Collections and Exotic Pest Detection
1:30-1:50       Canadian National interests - Bruce Gill, Ag
1:50-2:10       USDA??
2:10-2:30       West Virginia interests - Shawn Clark, WV
                Dept. Agric.
2:30-2:50       Florida interests - Mike Thomas, FL Dept.
2:50-3:05       break
3:00-3:15       ICZN updates and items on the new code - Chris
                Thompson, USDA-SEL
3:15-4:00       Canadian Biodiversity Information Initiative -
                Larry Spears, Ag Canada; Steve Ashe, Univ.
4:00-4:30       Interactive Key Software - John Pickering
4:30-5:00       BIOTA v. 2 - Robert Colwell
7:00-??? PM     Social at John Pickering's home [directions
                and transportation available at meeting]
Sunday, 12 December
8:00-9:15       Unique identifiers and barcode technology -
                John Pickering, Univ. Georgia; Robert Colwell,
                U. Conn.; Sprague Ackley, Intermeck; Jesus
                Ugalde, INBio
9:15-9:30       Break
9:30-10:30      Continuation of Pre-Break topics
10:30-12:00     Business Mtg
                Information for Montreal
                ECN and the ESA: Together or Separate?
12:00-??        Depart and transfer to Atlanta, or go home.
1:00-??         Tour Pickering's lab & demo of identifier

HOTEL Check-out must be completed before 11:00; luggage storage is

NOTICE: Copies of the 1999 Zoological Code will be
                available at the ECN meeting, from Chris Thompson.

Contributors The Entomology Collections Network is a non-profit
organization dedicated to the promotion of entomological science
through the preservation, management, use, and development of
entomological collections and taxonomy.  There is no annual dues.
Programs and activities are self-supporting and through generous
contributions.  Please send your gracious support for the 1999
gathering to the Georgia Center for Continuing Education (Event
#40563) and clearly indicate its use for the ECN meeting.
Contributions may also be made through the organizers.


The 1999 Entomology Collections Network meeting is hosted by the
Georgia Center for Continuing Education, The University of
Georgia's Department of Entomology, and the Georgia State Museum
of Natural History.  Ms. Barbara Marable, Georgia Center for
Continuing Education, is our conference hostess and site
coordinator.  Please contact Ms. Marable for any special needs at
706-542-1585 or marableb at gacsrv.gactr.uga.edu.


Registration Information
        Please print or clip and submit this pre-registration
form and payment to the Georgia Center for Continuing Education
no later than 7 December 1999.  Send the following information
        Georgia Center for Continuing Education
        attn: ECN meeting 40563
        The University of Georgia
        Athens, Georgia 30602-3603, USA

Website registration through 10 December at: www.gactr.uga.edu.

Registration Fees:
Preregistration       $40
On-Site Registration  $50 [incl. sessions, refreshments, and luncheon]

Make checks payable to the "UGA"

Electronic payments by credit card on secure website, at:


Name (as to appear on badge)  _______________________________

Affiliation _________________________________________________

Mailing Address _____________________________________________

Work Telephone __________________________

Home Telephone __________________________

Fax _____________________________________

E-mail Address ______________________________________________

Receipts will be available at meeting.

Jim Woolley
Professor, Graduate Advisor
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2475
(409) 845-9349
(409) 845-6305  FAX
JimWoolley at tamu.edu

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