ADMIN: HTML Attachments and Taxacom

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Oct 12 09:36:24 CDT 1999

> On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Doug Yanega wrote:
> ... (and, incidentally, Stuart, do you think you could toggle
> your HTML function to "off"? Thanks):

It's possible that a cc to Doug contained an HTML-formatted MIME
attachment, but Taxacom filters HTML attachments out of the
messages that it distributes to subscribers, so no HTML
attachment was received via that route (and in fact, it's not
there in the Taxacom archive either). (Taxacom won't filter out
HTML text found in the main body of the message, however.)

Sorry. Just some administrative "noise", to make sure we all
know how Taxacom works. :>)

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