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Tue Oct 12 12:24:20 CDT 1999

Peter Price defines semispecies similarily:

"Semispecies are groups of populations, intermediate between good races and
good species, that are connected by reduced interbreeding and gene flow.
They can arise during gradual divergence of a parental stock into two good
(Price, 1996)

He suggests that *Plantanus raemosa* and *P.wrightii* as an example.

Colin Kaneen

At 10:46 99-10-12 -0400, you wrote:
>According  to Lincoln, Boxshall and Clark's A Dictionary of Ecology,
>and Systematics, both definitions proposed were right.
>Lincoln et al say: semispecies 1: Incipient species; populations that are
>intermediate between races and biological species; exhibiting partial
>interbreeding and intergradation, and weak reproductive isolation.
>2: A component species of a superspecies; allospecies.
>Don McAllister

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