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Paul Selden Paul.Selden at MAN.AC.UK
Wed Oct 13 12:26:09 CDT 1999

>In the popular book cited below, Bert Brunet calls Dipluridae and
>Nemesiidae "funnel-web-like" spiders, while Hexathelidae are
>"funnel-web" spiders (p. 85).
>Brunet, B. 1996. Spiderwatch: A Guide to Australian Spiders. Kew
>(Melbourne): Reed Books Australia. (ISBN 0 7301 0486 9)
>"From:    Robert Labelle <robla at STREMY.COM>
>"Subject: Dipluidae and Nemesiidae
>"I'm looking for common names of the following two spider families:
>"Dipluidae, Nemesiidae. Both are Mygalomorphs.
>"Robert Labelle
>Dr Robert Mesibov


Most nemesiids make trap doors at the end of burrows (as do some other
families in Mygalomorphae), so I think "Trap-door spiders" would be a
better name for Nemesiidae, if you really have to use a "common name".
Dipluridae could be called "Funnel-web spiders" OK.

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