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Pierre Deleporte Pierre.Deleporte at UNIV-RENNES1.FR
Wed Oct 13 14:24:37 CDT 1999

Hi everybody in the Veranda,

This message is send in the name of the French Systematics Society

We have a web site at:

We have decided to put on this site direct links to all Systematics
Societies in the world. This is in progress at:

The idea is not only to provide easy connection and information for the
users of our site,
more than this, this list of direct links is intended as a symbol of common
goals shared by French and other Systematics Societies worldwide for the
defense and promotion of systematics.
Becoming more conscious of what we really are as a series of Systematics
Societies is just one encouraging factor for possible synergic actions (we
don't mean fusion of the societies).

Thus we want to post a complete list, and then will suggest that other
societies do simply the same thing.

SOCIETIES, whose goals are the promotion of systematics in a general sense
(i.e. not confined to a restricted taxonomic group), please answer me
personally (not to the list!)

Presently we have posted direct links for (in alphabetic order):

   Society of Systematic Biologists
   Southern African Society for Systematic Biology
   The Systematics Association
   The Willy Hennig Society

and also, in a different register but with some clearly shared goals:

   Association of Systematics Collections
   The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

Thank you for any suggestions

Pierre Deleporte
CNRS UMR 6552 - Station Biologique de Paimpont
F-35380 Paimpont   FRANCE
Téléphone : 02 99 61 81 66
Télécopie : 02 99 61 81 88

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