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bthiers at NYBG.ORG bthiers at NYBG.ORG
Mon Oct 18 08:47:57 CDT 1999

     Images of Vascular Plant Type Specimens at The New York Botanical
     Garden are now live!

     Approximately 2400 high-resolution images of herbarium specimens from
     the families Annonaceae, Ericaceae, Lecythidaceae, and New World
     Rutaceae can be found by searching our catalog or by viewing the lists
     of taxa at http://www.nybg.org/bsci/hcol/vasc/. Eventually, all of
     NYBG's 75,000 vascular plant type specimens will be imaged and
     viewable through our on-line catalog. Images of Cyperaceae,
     Elaphoglossum, and Scrophulariaceae types will be added to our catalog
     in the near future.

     A full description of the project, including a manual (in PDF) for
     imaging plant specimens can be found at:

     The New York Botanical Garden acknowledges the Xerox Foundation for
     funding and students of the Biomedical Photographic Communications
     Department of the Rochester Institute of Technology for technical

      Please direct any questions or comments about NYBG's imaging project
     to Gord Lemon (glemon at nybg.org).

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