Fresh water algae : taxonomy, biogeography and conservation / retirement P. Comp�re.

Mon Oct 18 16:00:17 CDT 1999

Dear colleague,

At the end of the year, Pierre Compère, Head of Department in our
institute, will retire.  During decades he has been "THE" algologist of
the National botanic garden, being also very active internationally.

At the occasion of his retirement the National Botanic Garden of
Belgium, together with the Royal Belgian Botanical Society (where P.
Compère has been very active as well) will organise a one day symposium
devoted to fresh water algology, with emphasis on taxonomy, biogeography
and conservation.

The symposium will be held on November 19, 1999 in the Castle of
Bouchout, situated in the Bouchout estate, the National Botanic Garden
of Belgium.  (for information on the venue, see and

Invited speakers will give a talk within one of the symposium themes
(see attached file).  Apart from the invited speakers, there will be
ample possibilities to present posters.  Papers will be published
afterwards in Systematics Geography of Plants, the house-journal of our
Garden (

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. J. Rammeloo
Guido Rappé

National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Domein van Bouchout
B-1860 Meise

tel +32 (0)2 269 39 05
or new direct line: +32 (0)2 260.09.66
Fax: 32(0)2 270.15.67

Email: guido.rappe at

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