Manual of Nearctic Diptera volume 1 & 2

Ethan Bright ethanbr at UMICH.EDU
Mon Oct 18 10:04:44 CDT 1999

At 08:33 AM 10/17/99 -0700, Dr Sandeep Gupta wrote:
>I am looking for Manual of Nearctic Diptera volume 1 & 2 by
>J.F. McAlpine & others, Published by Research Branch,
>Agriculture Canada, ISBN 0-660-10731-7  (v. 1),
>ISBN 0-660-12125-57 (v. 2)
>Anybody in the knowledge of these manuals availiable at reduced
>prices nearby toronto area or willing to sell old copies.

Sandeep and all,
Ag Canada had the three-volume set (including V3 that was a systematic
synopsis and revision of the information in V1-2, an excellent work) on SALE
a couple of years ago, I purchased the set for about US$55. I don't know if
they have the same prices, but contact them in Ottawa (they have a web
site, but I don't have the URL on hand). Also, I've seen somewhat higher
prices from some book dealers who probably bought these and simply added
a markup, but still a bargin considering the original price and the enormous
amount of information contained in these books. Although they are starting to
become outdated (the earliest volume is almost 20 years old), they are still
great, the printing and binding quality great, and a fabulous introduction
Diptera for beginners. And I love it when I find such books at bargin
Cheers, Ethan
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