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The following notice will appear in the 2/00 Taxon. Vol. 1 is the only vol.
translated so far, but has no keys. For the Russian original see the Frodin
reference cited at the end.
     Grubov, V. I. (ed.). _Plants of Central Asia: Plant collections from
China and Mongolia._ Vol. 1. _Introduction. Ferns. Bibliography._ Trans.
from the Russ. by ? and ed. by ? [no indication in work]. July 1999. Science
Publishers, Box 699, Enfield, NH 03748, USA (www.scipub.net). viii, [i], 188
pp., 2 foldouts, ill., ISBN 1-57808-062-2 (series), ISBN 1-57808-060-6
(vol.) (HB), $69.00. [Russ. ed. _Plantae Asiae centralis (secus materies
Instituti Botanici nomine V. L. Komarovii) / Rasteniya central'nov Asii
(...),_ vol. 1, 1963 (not seen). _Contents:_ 1963 ed. note; intro
(phytogeogr. division Cen. Asia; boundaries Cen. Asian subregion Medit.
provs.; Mongolian, Junggar-Turanian, Tibetan Provs.; phytogeogr. synopsis);
tax. pt., incl. abbrs.; index to tax. pt.; 75-p. biblio. (ed. by D. V.
Lebedev). On 2 sp. _Botrychium_ Ophiogloss., 21 gen., 45 spp. Polypodi.
s.l., 1 sp. each Marsile., Salvini. The 80-p. intro "proposes and justifies
a phytogeographic division of Central Asia" (p. v; see also def. in _Taxon_
48: 616) consisting of Altai, Khangai, Kentei Ranges in n., Greater Khingan
Range in e., Pamir in w., The Great Wall of China in se., and Himalayas in
s. First vol. trans. (biblio. rearr.--see p. 116, but otherwise apparently
sans updates despite misprint "1990" on p. 10) in proposed 20-vol. series,
11 vols. publ. to date in Russ.: 2, Chenopodi.; 3, Cyper.-Junc.; 4, Gram.;
5, Verben.-Scrophulari.; 6, Equiset.-Butom.; 7, Lili.-Orchid.; 8A, Legum.;
8B, idem, _Oxytropis;_ 9, Salic.-Polygon.; 10, Arali., Umbel., Corn.; 11,
Amaranth.-Caryophyll. Based esp. on material at St. Petersburg. For
background info see D. G. Frodin's _Guide to standard floras of the world_
(1984: 386).]

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