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Allopatric speciation may be inflicted by geological events. I still
do not know the history of the region, but it seems there is a lot of
volcanism going on.

Maybe one population with the hemipenis characters in question was
geographically isolated and than these genes were fixed (genetic drift) without
that there even was selection, or selection acted in the past and was then
fixed by drift.

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>Dear Thomas,
>thanks for your interesting comments. The two species under
>consideration are allopatric in distribution: macrophallus ranges
>from southeastern Guatemala (Puerto San Jose, Departamento de
>Escuintla) along the Pacific versant to central El Salvador. It
>occurs from sea level to about 1350 m elevation; cupreus ranges from
>eastern Honduras over central Nicaragua to northwestern Costa Rica.
>Sincerely, Gunther

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