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Robert Labelle robla at STREMY.COM
Fri Oct 22 11:11:49 CDT 1999

 Hello, I am looking for slides of the following taxa for an upcoming
Discovery Channel book on Insects and Spiders. Will pay $ fee.


        pyrgomorph grasshopper / Desmoptera truncatipennis

        queen alexandra birdwing / Ornithoptera alexandrae

        african goliath beetle / Goliathus giganteus

        spruce budworm moth / Choristoneura fumiferana

        arctic wooly bear gyncephora groenlandia

        big headed fly / Pipunculus spp.

        savanna violin spider / Loxosceles spiniceps

        arctic grasshopper / Bohemanella frigida

        arctic black fly / Gymnopais holopticus

        arctic tachnid fly / Chetogena gelida

        polar bumble bee / Bombus polaris

        dwarf spider / Erigone spp.

        ground spider / Gnaphosa spp.

        california cankerworm moth / Paleacrita longiciliata

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