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[Yeah, more evolution (shhh, don't say the word) teaching... for
anyone who believes it'll just go away. Apparently, this Illinois
action is "old"  news, just making it to the top of the pile.  I
cut the references to Kansas' actions and to Darwin/Scopes from
the original posting and article. Peter]

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Subject:      Illinois Erases Evolution Theory In Schools-Paper

Illinois Erases Evolution Theory In Schools-Paper

Sunday October 24 2:46 PM ET
Illinois Erases Evolution Theory In Schools-Paper

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The Illinois Board of Education has quietly
eliminated the term ``evolution'' from state school standards
adopted two years ago, the Chicago Tribune reported in its Sunday
edition, available Saturday.  The Illinois Board of Education
approved standards in July 1997 that contained no explicit
reference to evolution, only the phrase ``change over time,'' the
paper said.

[...cut, cut...]

The revised Illinois standards gained attention recently because
a Christian conservative group affiliated with Republican
presidential candidate Gary Bauer is taking credit for
influencing the state's decision to exclude the language, the
Tribune article said.

The new standards do not ban the teaching of evolution but leave
explicit mention of it to the discretion of local schools. The
first science test to be administered next February as part of
the new Illinois Standards Achievement Test will not address the
term ``evolution,'' the paper reported.

[...cut, cut...]

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