Uhhh, teach, what's it called?

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Mon Oct 25 13:12:41 CDT 1999

Peter Rauch wrote:
> [Yeah, more evolution (shhh, don't say the word) teaching... for
> anyone who believes it'll just go away. Apparently, this Illinois
> action is "old"  news, just making it to the top of the pile.  I
> cut the references to Kansas' actions and to Darwin/Scopes from
> the original posting and article. Peter]

> CHICAGO (Reuters) - The Illinois Board of Education has quietly
> eliminated the term ``evolution'' from state school standards
> adopted two years ago, the Chicago Tribune reported in its Sunday
> edition, available Saturday.  The Illinois Board of Education
> approved standards in July 1997 that contained no explicit
> reference to evolution, only the phrase ``change over time,'' the
> paper said.
> [...cut, cut...]

* you don't suppose that these groups that are trying to get the word
'evolution' cut from curricula are closet Darwinists who are trying to
revive Father Darwin's failure to use 'evolution' in the Origin? Or are
they just [*BORING*] what they seem, and don't realize that Darwin's
aversion to the term is a popular chuckle among Darwinians?

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