reweighting characters, few and many

Don McAllister mcall at SUPERAJE.COM
Wed Oct 27 09:32:53 CDT 1999

Thomas Schlemmermeyer wrote:

> Dear All,
> Already a few months ago, an anonymous list member told me that cladistics
> functions like that: Figure out a tree that you personally like! In the next
> step choose a suitable program and algorithm which generate exactly this tree.

>  Now, I reweighted those 25000 trees, and run parsimony search again.
> I got only three trees, and Imagine!!!, the consensus tree corresponds exactly
> to the tree, which is my person favourite!!!

Sound like a terrific approach, if you want to transfer out of the science into the
arts faculty.  :->  What would Karl Popper say? But I think you are telling us that
yourself with your ironic message.

Don McAllister

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