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There are a lot of good plate-tectonics websites. Here are three I
particularly like:

1. This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics, by W. Jacquelyne Kious
and Robert I. Tilling: http://pubs.usgs.gov/publications/text/dynamic.html

2. The Paleomap Project , which depicts "the changing distribution of land
and sea during the past 1100 million years" and into the future:

3. UC Berkeley's Plate Tectonics animations:

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> Dear Taxacomers,
> I'm looking for a short, inexpensive book--or collection of articles--on
> the fundamentals of plate tectonics.  In my History of Life course, I now
> cover some introductory material on Geology without a common source of
> readings.  I'd like to have one book which I can ask the students to buy
> and read, but don't feel justified in having them shell out 50-75 bucks
> a Geology textbook, only a third of which will be used.
> At the moment I put an array of Geology texts on reserve in the library,
> but records show that very few students take advantage of them.
> Taxacom might not be the right place to ask about this, but taxonomists
> tend to be broadly educated and someone out there might be able to help.
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