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We are presently investigating the phylogeny of Somatochlora
(Odonata: Corduliidae) using molecular sequence data (mtDNA, ND3).
We still lack material from the People's Republic of China
(mainland).  If anyone has email addresses for any of the following
entomologists/odonatologists, would you please forward this request
to them?  Even if they presently do not have any specimens, we still
wish to develop correspondence.  We have had some success with dried,
museum specimens.

Hsui-fu Chao, F. Han, Y. Hu, S.-s. Li, G.-q. Liang, S.-d. Liu, Z.-y.
Liu, H. Luo, X.-f. Shuai, H.-f. Wang, Z.-d. Wang,  Jinlai Wei, H. Wu,
Jin-Long Wu, X. Wu, Jianfei Xu, Bing Yang, Z.-d. Yang, Wen-bao
Zhou, or Hui-Quian Zhu.

Thank you.
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