the "p" word (paraphyletic)

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Thu Sep 16 17:55:32 CDT 1999

At 12:08 PM 9/16/99 -0700, Ken Kinman wrote:
>  But there
>seems to be more of a backlash in recent years against strict cladism,
>especially among botanists.

ROTFLOL. Which botanists do you hang out with? My impression of the new
crop is that the "vast" majority either reject paraphyletic groups or
reject classification altogether. Among us old farts, there seems to be an
even split, with maybe a slight edge to the eclectics.

  As always, the silent majority probably pay
>little attention to the debate, roll their eyes and go about their work
>(which is no doubt a good thing).

Except when the debate involves Woese, perhaps?

>Only time will tell.


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