A semi-hypothetical taxonomic conundrum -

Tue Sep 21 11:20:44 CDT 1999

It is my understanding that the name coined first should be the tribe name.
While priority may not be "regulated", its "rules" should (as opposed to
must) still be used.  All the cases of lumping that I know of use this
principle, even if it's not required.

just my opinion,

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If a subsequent author decides that Zabrini and Pterostichini are a
single group with the former making the latter paraphyletic, and only
wants to recognize a single group name, what is the preferred name to

I am sure in this particular case that common usage and stability issues
make the choice fairly clear. However, since priority for family-group
names is not regulated, it would be possible that one could choose the
group based on the oldest genus or the oldest family-group name (even
though the genus it is based on is more recent).

In general does anyone have any thoughts on why one or the other
resolution should be preferred? How have similar situations been dealt

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