A semi-hypothetical taxonomic conundrum -

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The Principal of Priority as noted in the message from Richard Brown below
accounts for my confusion regarding what I understood from the code and
what I see happening with various names.


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>The 3rd ed (1985) code states that two previously established nominal taxa
>within a family group take as its valid name the name determined in
>accordance with the Principal of Priority (Art 23d). The type genus does
>not have to be the oldest name (Art. 64).  The solution to this problem
>appears to be with the Principle of the First Reviser  (Art. 24).  If two
>or more names (Zabrides and Pterostichii) are published on the same date
>(regardless of day of the year or page precedence), their precedence is
>determined by the first reviser, with the recommendation that the first
>reviser choose the name to best serve stability.  I don't have the latest
>edition of the code at hand, but I don't remember there being a change with
>the First Reviser Principle.  Given that Pterostichini and Zabrides are
>names of equivalent rank published on the same date, there should be no
>need to satisfy the provisions in the new edition of the code to maintain
>>The carabid beetle family-group name Zabrides (Currently the tribe
>>Zabrini) was published in 1810 based on the genus Zabrus (1806) and then
>>later in the same 1810 publication the group Pterostichii (currently the
>>tribe Pterostichini) based on Pterostichus (1810) is proposed.
>>If a subsequent author decides that Zabrini and Pterostichini are a
>>single group with the former making the latter paraphyletic, and only
>>wants to recognize a single group name, what is the preferred name to
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