Pterostichini family-group problem

Richard L. Brown moth at RA.MSSTATE.EDU
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The 3rd ed (1985) code states that two previously established nominal taxa
within a family group take as its valid name the name determined in
accordance with the Principal of Priority (Art 23d). The type genus does
not have to be the oldest name (Art. 64).  The solution to this problem
appears to be with the Principle of the First Reviser  (Art. 24).  If two
or more names (Zabrides and Pterostichii) are published on the same date
(regardless of day of the year or page precedence), their precedence is
determined by the first reviser, with the recommendation that the first
reviser choose the name to best serve stability.  I don't have the latest
edition of the code at hand, but I don't remember there being a change with
the First Reviser Principle.  Given that Pterostichini and Zabrides are
names of equivalent rank published on the same date (year), there should be no
need for the first reviser to satisfy the provisions in the new edition of
the code (as mentioned by D. Brothers) to maintain Pterostichini.

>The carabid beetle family-group name Zabrides (Currently the tribe
>Zabrini) was published in 1810 based on the genus Zabrus (1806) and then
>later in the same 1810 publication the group Pterostichii (currently the
>tribe Pterostichini) based on Pterostichus (1810) is proposed.
>If a subsequent author decides that Zabrini and Pterostichini are a
>single group with the former making the latter paraphyletic, and only
>wants to recognize a single group name, what is the preferred name to

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