HOT FLASH ==> New Zoological Code now available in America

christian thompson cthompson at SEL.BARC.USDA.GOV
Thu Sep 23 12:42:48 CDT 1999

For those who want a set of rules to settle their "bickering" by, the
American Association for Zoological Nomenclature now has lots of copies of
the 4th Edition of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature
available for quick SALE.

Pricing information can be found at ICZN site
(, but in short,

if you are a member of a SCIENTIFIC society the price is $48
if you are a member of AAZN, the price is $39
if you are a "postgraduate or undergraduate" student, the price is $48
FOR ALL others, the price is $65

ALL the above prices are for SINGLE copies only. You need to properly
identify which category you belong to and why.  That is, student's need
their supervisor's signature, others need to provide the name of the
Scientific Society, etc.

Institutions or argents buying 5 or more copies are offered 25% discount or
$48 per copy

price includes surface postage, etc.

Send your US dollar checks made out to "AAZN" to us in Washington.
AAZN, Attn: D. G. Smith, MRC-159, National Museum of Natural History,
Washington, D. C. 20560-0159
          (smithd at

CREDIT CARD sales can only be made to ICZN in London (see above WWW site
for more details).

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