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Bill Shear BILLS at HSC.EDU
Tue Sep 28 11:39:11 CDT 1999

Fellow taxacomers:

I'm teaching my systematics course now and despite a whole summer to
prepare, find myself still doing things on the fly.  We are beginning a
unit on the statistical treatment of data tomorrow afternoon.  I plan to
introduce probablility, the characteristics of the normal distribution,
standard error of the mean, Student's t-test, and regression (over a
two-week period).  This is all the basic stats we have time for (Please, no
comments on why this is wrong or why some other stuff might be better).

Now here's my problem.  My old stat program, Statview 2.1 (vintage ca.
1986!), no longer seems to want to work on my PowerMac 5400, or on our lab
G3s (it will not recognize numerical values as such, keeps saying we have
entered non-numerical data).

So what I need is to find a basic program that will do the above.
Obviously there is no time to order and buy a program, and most of the
commercial ones do much more than we want done, so we pay extra for stuff
we don't need.  Can any of you direct me to a downloadable program on the
web that will work with our Macs?

And yes, I have tried our campus computer center, but they are of no help
whatsoever since the admin decision to dump Macs for PCs.

Meantime I will search the web myself, but I though some of you might know
a good site already.

Bill Shear
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Hampden-Sydney College
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