Panbiogeography of the Americas

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> >Fred R. Rickson wrote:
> >
> > >You just don't put dots on a map, draw connecting lines,
> > > and then hypothesize interconnecting land bridges and call it valid
> > >science.
> * if your system of connecting lines is entrained in a system
> that encodes them as a falsifiable hypothesis, then that sounds like
> science to me. Just because 'land bridges' turn out to be continental
> rafting doesn't influence the geographic reality of the connections they
> describe.
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Please entrain, for me, data which connects the Hawaiian Islands to the
U.S. west coast via a land bridge...Croizat had no problem imagining this.
Obviously continental rafting is responsible for a lot of currently
disconnected distribution.  The problem seems to be that Croizat seemed to
think just about anything (maybe all) might be explained by vicarience.
Panbiogeography today, is, correctly, a lot less ridged, and my argument is
with thinking that everything Croizat wrote is defendable.  A lot of it is

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