Geography as quantification.

Tue Sep 28 20:04:38 CDT 1999

John Grehan wrote:
"...but there are few quantitative people who also 
have a strong interest in geography."

I'm ignoring the formal logical error of the statement [it is also
true that most "quantitative people" are not interested in biology 
or physics or chemistry or even survey research as fields--the 
sum of the members of the set of "quantitative people" other than 
those in one academic field as a subset is almost always going 
to exceed the members of any subset, i.e. an academic field] 
and speak to what I think you might be saying:  That geography 
is not quantitative.
Well, John if you really believe this then I suggest you look 
at  the work being done in GIS by geographers, look at almost 
any college catalog for the listings in the geography department, 
or simply skip through the WWW looking for relevant topics.  
Geography departments at many universities include the 
climatology, oceanography, etc. disciplines.   And, where
these are separate departments, the lines of separation are
increasingly blurred. If those aren't quantitative fields then 
I'm baffled by your definition.    ...and, of course, I've not
surveyed 'geography' and I suspect that neither have you
so I guess neither of us is quantitative.

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