Who's Who in Biodiversity in Brazil

Dora Ann Lange Canhos dora at BDT.ORG.BR
Wed Sep 29 09:02:37 CDT 1999

We are restructuring our database on “Who’s Who in Biodiversity in Brazil”, that has
been online since 1992. We wish to invite all researchers that are carrying out
their work in Brazil to register. This database is now part of the BINbr –
Biodiversity Information Network, Brazil and aims at identifying what is being done
in the country and also wishes to contribute towards a greater collaboration and
interaction among the scientific community. Making this information freely available
on the Internet also enables a greater interaction between many organized sectors of
the society. BINbr is focussing on the scientific community, policy makers and
educators (especially K12).

In order to register, the web address is http://www.binbr.org.br/quem

BINbr’s web site (http://www.binbr.org.br/) is still being structured and shall be
officially launched by the end of October.
All the best,

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