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>Why not run SAS, SPSSx, or minitab on the mainframe?  If you have this
>option available, then it does not matter what kind of computer accesses
>the mainframe, as long as they can telnet into it.  Computer services
>*should* be able to help you out with that request; after all, what do
>the stat classes do?
>Joel Hutcheson
>Bill Shear wrote:
>> Fellow taxacomers:
>> I'm teaching my systematics course now and despite a whole summer to
>> prepare, find myself still doing things on the fly.  We are beginning a
>> unit on the statistical treatment of data tomorrow afternoon.  I plan to
>> introduce probablility, the characteristics of the normal distribution,
>> standard error of the mean, Student's t-test, and regression (over a
>> two-week period).  This is all the basic stats we have time for (Please, no
>> comments on why this is wrong or why some other stuff might be better).
>> Now here's my problem.  My old stat program, Statview 2.1 (vintage ca.
>> 1986!), no longer seems to want to work on my PowerMac 5400, or on our lab
>> G3s (it will not recognize numerical values as such, keeps saying we have
>> entered non-numerical data).
>> So what I need is to find a basic program that will do the above.
>> Obviously there is no time to order and buy a program, and most of the
>> commercial ones do much more than we want done, so we pay extra for stuff
>> we don't need.  Can any of you direct me to a downloadable program on the
>> web that will work with our Macs?
>> And yes, I have tried our campus computer center, but they are of no help
>> whatsoever since the admin decision to dump Macs for PCs.
>> Meantime I will search the web myself, but I though some of you might know
>> a good site already.
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