Geography as quantification.

Don McAllister mcall at SUPERAJE.COM
Wed Sep 29 10:47:59 CDT 1999

John Grehan wrote:

> im Bass wrote:
>  speak to what I think you might be saying:  That geography
> is not quantitative.
> Well, John if you really believe this then I suggest you look
> at  the work being done in GIS by geographers,

Quite a bit of work by geographers and even biogeographers is still being
done on the basis of convention geographic units - countries, islands, lakes,
oceans, etc. That imposes restrictions, because of differing areas, on the
analyses that can be made.  An approach we have used on coral reef fishes, is
to apply and equal-area grid. Here each cell in the grid is equal in area and
no "corrections" need to be made for that factor.

Don McAllister

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