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Sun Apr 9 14:06:12 CDT 2000

    LOL.  Maybe she has a future as a Tabloid Radio DeeJay.  People like
Howard Stern and Laura Schlessinger make a lot of money with "Vile labels",
except that they apply them to people instead of insects.
                  -----------Ken K.
>From: Robin Leech <robinl at CONNECT.AB.CA>
>Reply-To: Robin Leech <robinl at CONNECT.AB.CA>
>Subject: Revelations
>Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 14:29:39 -0600
>I asked my students to give me a hard copy of their labels for insects
>going onto pins, and their labels going into vials with alcohol specimens.
>I ask for the hard copy in order to check for spellings and other errors.
>To make sure that I understood which labels were for what, one girl had
>written, with arrows pointing to the appropriate labels, "Vile labels".
>Needless to say, this caused a real snorting roar of laughter from me.  I
>am still giggling every once in a while when I think about it.
>Robin Leech
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