Olimarabidopsis umbrosa

Qian, H. hqian at INTERCHG.UBC.CA
Mon Apr 3 09:19:06 CDT 2000

Al-Shehbaz et al. made a new combination (Novon 9(3), 1999):
Olimarabidopsis umbrosa (Botsch. & Vved.) Al-Shehbaz, O'Kane & R.A. Price
based on Trichochiton umbrosum (= T. inconspicuum var. umbrosum).
But according to Czerepanov's (1995) checklist for the former USSR,
the authority for Trichochiton umbrosum is (Kom.) Botsch. & Vved.
(basionym = T. inconspicuum var. umbrosum Kom.). I wonder if
the authority for Al-Shehbaz et al.'s new combination should be
"(Kom.) Al-Shehbaz, O'Kane & R.A. Price".

I sent an email to Dr. Al-Shehbaz 1-2 week ago on this issue but haven't got
his response yet. Hope someone could help me out.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

Hong Qian

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