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Wed Apr 5 15:38:39 CDT 2000


I require a global checklist on Hemiptera genera and species for a database
project (Heteroptera, Homoptera, Hydrocorisae, Geocorisae). It is not a
commercial venture, and I have no funding for datatyping from published
catalogues. The purpose of the project is simply to have checklists for
rapidly recording the presence/absence of genera/species in major

I am not aware of many such checklists available as ftp or other files.
However, I am not a Hemipteran specialist and therefore may not have the
newest information. I am willing to collate information sent by specialists,
and to make the collated information available through the internet with due
acknowledgement to all contributors.

I shall appreciate any advice on specialists or sites to contact, or any
lists sent to me. I can handle MIME encoded attached files sent as simple
text, or Excel, Access or Word files in Office 97 format. I can also deal
with most older spreadsheet or wordprocessing files in other formats.

Please send any advise or lists directly to insects at natmus.cul.na

Thank you in advance
Eugene Marais

National Museum of Namibia
P.O. Box 1203, Windhoek, Namibia
Tel: + 264 61 29 34 305/354
Fax: + 264 61 22 86 36

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