Adam's apple

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Thu Apr 6 16:53:10 CDT 2000

>Not quite to the question but ...
>I have heard that Amanita phalloides, the Death Cap, is very tasty. It can
>of course
>be eaten with impunity by rabbits. Some other edinle fungi should be
>cooked and
>contain heat labile toxins.
>Tasting good is likely to be a function of the sugar content. Other
>chemicals in the
>fruit may affect different species in different ways.

Not only sugars are responsible of the good taste!! There are many natural
sweeteners among secondary compounds of plants (i.e. some terpenes), and
many of them are many times more effective than sucrose!! One example is
stevioside, from Stevia rebaudiana, even if it seems that it could have
some side effects.

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