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I am told that tongue apples, (Aleurites fordii) are absolutely delicious but I
haven't tried one because they are also known to kill within an hour.


veldkamp wrote:

> Dear All,
>         Someone put forward the following proposition: Any fruit that tastes good
> must be safe to eat.
>         My question: does anyone out there know of an apparently deliciously
> edible fruit that will poison and sicken or kill those who eat them?
>         Obviously excluded are fruits like grapes, olives, strawberries, etc. to
> which some people are allergic.
>         Borderline cases are Taxus baccata, where the 'flesh' is quite edible, but
> the 'kernel' very poisonous, and Blighia sapida, where there is a red
> membrane between the lobes of the quite edible lobes of the aril.
> Beech-nuts (Fagus silvatica), when eaten in high quantity are reported to
> make you ill because of minute cyanide contents. I never found enough,
> apparently.
>         Also excluded is Cycas cicrcinalis, cause of the Guam disease leading to
> dementia, paralysis, and death.
>         What I'm looking for is the bang-you're-dead (or ill) situation, a bit
> like what the apple did to Adam and Eve, or Sleeping Beauty.
> JeF
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