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Dear taxacomers,

working also on nomenclatorial revision of central European yarrows, I
would like to ask for help namely my French colleagues.

In synomymy of Achillea asplenifolia Ventenat, Achillea rosea Desfontaines
is sometimes cited with the reference to Catalogus plantarum horti regii
perisiensis. Editio tertia... Parisiis anno 1829. Surprisingly, we have the
book in our department library in Brno. Yesterday, I consulted it, however,
the information there seems to be different from what is usually cited.

In page 181, the name Achillea millefolium [var.] purpureum [recte
purpurea] was published as "nomen novum" for Achillea rosea and/or Achillea
asplenifolia Ventenat. In my opinion, it is validised at least by the
reference to A. asplenifolia Ventenat. The name A. rosea in synonymy of
this "variety" is followed by two abreviations: H. p. [= Hortus
parisiensis] Am. s. [America septentrionalis; a mistake, by the way].
"Hortus pariesiensis", I think, is a reference to another book by anybody
else or more likely by Desfontaines himself.

Index kewensis refers to page 105 of the first edition of Desfontaines'
Catalogus plantarum... published under the name Tableau... (abreviated Tab.
Hort. Par. ed I.). Unfortunately, I found the book neither in Brno nor in

Please, could somebody consult the "ouvrage" and let me know whether the
name Achillea rosea was really published in page 105, and if so, then
really not only as a nomen nudum. Please, be aware of the fact, that new
names published in the third edition of Catalogus... and marked by
asterisks are not nomina nuda because the species are then discribed in the


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