Bizarre Article linking S. Gould, AAAS, and Eugenics.

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This excerpt was carried on another listserve and the entire
article is in the link at the end.  If the devil is in the details then
one might wish to pick his/her favorite footnotes.  Mine are
#38 and #62.
Jim Bass

Kansas Science Standards:
National Drafters Linked to American Eugenics Society
By Rebecca R. Messall, J.D.

It is never too late to expose Nazi connections in global organizations,
like Volkswagen(1) the Swiss banks, (2) a United Nations president'(3) and
the Bayer Corporation(4) Now, based on shocking evidence, Americans are
coming to a sickening realization: that U.S. science, biology and
population groups, financed by business and government, are themselves
philosophically mired in the pseudo-science of evolution-based

In the summer of 1999, Kansas taxpayers were outraged because two such
groups descended upon the prairie with staggering global wealth behind
them--- the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS),
and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Studies (BSCS). These and other
groups tried to install a mandatory, evolution-based, scarcity-laced,
heredity-dripping science curriculum for all grades, in all schools, in
the entire state of Kansas. Unexpectedly, they encountered a ferocious
backlash against teaching the "unity" of all sciences, based on evolution.
But there was no discussion against the concept of state-mandated
curricula per se. Much deeper issues, therefore, never made the news about
biology, academic freedom and the Constitution.

In the 1990's, human rights researchers linked the American Eugenics
Society,(6) (an American ground-zero of scientists who cheered Hitler)
with U.S. biology and population groups, huge "charitable" foundations,
chemical companies, and numerous universities and government agencies.
Characterized by racism, anti-Semitism and hatred of Evangelicals and
Catholics, eugenics is a belief system embraced and promulgated by highly
educated researchers and geneticists.

Eugenicists were the men who constructed the systematic atrocities of the
Nazi regime. Today, eugenicists are the architects of global population
control and family planning systems promoting birth control, sterilization
and abortion(7) plus related horrific acts --- fetal mutilation for
"research" and infanticide (killing of babies after delivery).

The American Eugenics Society was not merely a high-society, pro-Nazi
group before and after Hitler assumed power. Rather, even after Hitler's
defeat, the American Eugenics Society outrageously assisted in the
rehabilitation of Nazi biologist, Dr. Otmar Von Versheur,(8) who had
overseen experiments by biologist Dr. Josef Mengele,(9) the "Terror of

Today, still true to their past commitment to despotism, the science
groups who are trying to impose a sweeping, bio-centered science
curriculum "synthesizing" the three essential dogmas of eugenics ---
Darwinian evolution, population genetics and Malthusian
scarcity(10)---permit no discussion of the weakness of scientific proof
for any of these theories.

Headed by popular evolutionist Stephen J. Gould, the AAAS is the key
advocate of the national science standards. Unbelievably, for the past 30
years, Gould's AAAS has been officially affiliated with the renamed
American Eugenics Society.(11) In a double scandal of national
proportions, the AAAS not only ignored Constitutional prohibitions against
any state-ist, education orthodoxy, but they secured taxpayer dollars(12)
in the 1980's and '90's to devise, and now market, the National Science
Education Standards.(13) Of course, these "standards" are based on a
biological theory known to have wiped out millions of people in the
twentieth century.

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