Basal exclusivity

David Orlovich David.Orlovich at BOTANY.OTAGO.AC.NZ
Tue Apr 11 09:33:33 CDT 2000

Hello Taxacom people.  I've been reading a bit on phylogenetic
species concepts and am having trouble understanding 'basal
exclusivity'.  Can anyone enlighten me?  From what I can work out, a
group is basal if all it's members are more closely related to each
other than to others, and exclusive if it contains no other less
inclusive group.  I can't understand what the difference is between
this and saying that a species is monophyletic and has
autapomorphies.  I am wondering if using the terms basal and
exclusive are just a way of avoiding cladistic terminology - but then
I would have thought that to determine basal exclusivity would
require a phylogenetic analysis of individuals anyway.  The term
basal seems also to be confusing since it seems to refer to a
terminal taxon in the 'basal exclusivity' sense and to something
quite different in a cladistic sense.  Any help appreciated!  Cheers,
David Orlovich.

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